When you don’t feel like doing!

What do you do when you don’t FEEL like doing the thing you KNOW you need to do?

Do you ignore it and pretend it doesn’t matter?

Do you get busy doing other things and push that thought to the back of your mind?

Do you do the thing and suffer through it as though it was killing you?

How we handle this moment says a lot about who we are and our values.  A person that understands the concept that not all things will make us feel good all the time, is well on their way to being successful in every aspect of their life.  If we refuse to grasp this truth then we are in for a long road of hard times.

Sometimes, we have to do the very thing that we have been avoiding and walk straight into the face of fear.  Most of the time, we don’t recognize the resistance as fear at all.  We were taught at a very young age that if it feels good do it, and we presumed that if it didn’t “feel good” then don’t do it.  How ridiculous does that sound now as a mature adult?  This story line does not serve us in our quest to grow into the person we desire to be.

Imagine for a moment if some of the great sports figures, stopped training, because they didn’t feel like training anymore.  Where would they be today.

Today’s Tip:  Find someone in your life that can serve as your guide/coach (paid or unpaid) to help you stay on the track you have set before you.  It is harder to make excuses to someone else (they tend to sound crazy) than it is to talk yourself out of things.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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4 Responses to When you don’t feel like doing!

  1. Tara says:

    And getting the kids to understand that life is certainly NOT about doing only FUN things.

  2. I guess it really depends on what kind of mood I am in. There are some days where I am so energetic and I tackle anything and everything in my day head-on until it is all completed. Other days though, I may make a to-do list or produce a ‘paper’ pile of things that need to be addressed. Sometimes, I stack things up in hopes that if I don’t address them, they will just resolve themselves or go away, which in some cases does happen. Either way, this system seems to work pretty good for me and has since I can remember.
    Thank you for sharing a great post. I saw your link in Ultimate Blog Challenge 🙂

  3. Great point about being taught at a young age to do what feels good and don’t do what doesn’t. I had a client recently share with me that her son got involved in tackle football after years of flag football and got so nervous before his first game that he got sick. She didn’t make him go and was thinking of letting him quit. I told her that could be one of the worst decisions in that child’s life because then he’ll always let fear stop him.

  4. I agree: accountability to others seems to be stronger than (at least my) self discipline 🙂

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