What to do when you feel like you’re out of options?

We’ve all been in this position, no matter what we do we just can’t see our way out of this proverbial paper bag.  SO, what do we do?

Well, it seems to me that we have two options, we can walk away from the situation or we can try looking at it from another perspective.

Dr Wayne Dyer has written a book called “Excuses Begone”.  In this book his first line of attack on this type of situation is to ask the question “IS THIS TRUE?”.  So lets start there.

Is the situation REALLY what you think it is?  You are viewing this through your past experiences.  What if it is NOT true?  What would that look like?  What could you do that you don’t think  you could do now?

For example, I wanted to leave my corporate job.  I had it in my mind that my peers would be upset and angry with me for wanting to leave.  My coach asked me to ponder this question.  I ended up coming to the conclusion that SO WHAT, if they do, it is their problem/issue not mine.  I made my decision and moved forward with it.  NOW, I am happily self employed and living my life on my terms.

SO what is it that is holding you back and IS IT TRUE or just in your mind?  Let go of your perceived outcome and let the truth set you free.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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