Have you hit a brick wall?

At least one time or another, we have all hit that proverbial brick wall.  It’s what we do with that situation that helps to define us.  You can quit and go in another direction or pick yourself up by your bootstraps and keep moving forward toward your goals.

I am choosing to move forward.  I was recently told that if you let your fears take control, you will never grow.  Everything you do today was probably hard to do at one time.  Think back to what it was like to learn to ride a bike.  It was hard then and is easy now.  What about using a computer.  Do you remember how hard it was to learn all the different things needed to know?  Now, we jump around like it’s nothing.

Nothing great is ever accomplished without facing some challenge and often times our fears.  You have to decide that what you want is BIGGER and MORE IMPORTANT the the fear you feel.

So, the next time you face that brick wall (fear), just look it in the face and DECIDE that your desire is worth facing it.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,



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2 Responses to Have you hit a brick wall?

  1. Hi Dyrene, so true!!! If we keep on turning away from your goals because of our fears then we will never achieve anything!!!!

    Have a great day

  2. Thanks for the reminder that there is always a choice.
    I like to make stepping stones out of my obstacles, even though it’s not easy and doesn’t always work on the first attempt 😉

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