Is you weekend any different from your week??


I have noticed that the busier I get that the more my days run together and I can’t tell one day from the next.  We were not designed to function this way.  We were meant to work some days and rest others.

My challenge to you is to choose to make your weekends something totally different from the rest of your week.  This is going to mean something different to everyone.  Let me share what this means for me and how I intend to help you accomplish this feat.

Starting today, I am choosing to say “FORGET IT” to doing any housework on Sunday, unless it is an emergency situation.  (The dog got into the paper recycle bin and tore paper all over the house!!)

I am also choosing to take all of my typical Saturday Morning chores and spreading them out over the week.  For example, I do one load of laundry each day.  YES, often it is a smaller than normal load, but this makes it REALLY easy to do (beginning to end, yes! put away).  Some other chores I am going to move around, sweeping, dusting, mopping, and general pick up (I have 2 teenage girls in the house still)!!

Now, with my new plan, we can spend Saturdays at the park, gym or local trail getting some quality family time and well needed fresh air/exercise.

What are you willing to swap around so that your weekends are identifiable from the rest of your week???  Let me know how this works for you.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,



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3 Responses to Is you weekend any different from your week??

  1. I just went to part time at work so I will have some cleaning days during the week. However I will need to wash some clothes today and some small chores. I hardly ever take a break away from the computer unless we go to the hunting club. We have no internet out there.

  2. Shawn says:

    Good ideas to think through. My motto is the housework will always be there. When my hubby is home he is my first priority. We go play or we putter around the house but I am not willing to be a slave to any chores at anytime. Easier said now that the kids are older and they take care of themselves.

  3. Dyrene, I totally agree with you about making weekends special. In our household, the only day off my partner and I have together is Saturday. So for us it is a “no-housework, have fun day”.
    I also think that shops being open on a Sunday is another reason that all the days seem the same. I think shops should shut on a Sunday, and then families can all spend time together. I know this is a really old fashioned view, but it’s what I think!

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