Time Tip Tuesday – Lets take inventory

So earlier today I posted and asked you to take a moment to write down how you’ve been spending your time today.  We are going to continue that throughout the week, as best you can.

They say you can’t fix something until you know that it’s broken.  This exercise will give you some insight into how/where your schedule is broken (not working for you).

The first time I did this, I realized that I spent more time at work each day than the time I was actually spending with my kids.  RUDE AWAKENING to say the least!!  I had to make some changes to make my schedule because that just wasn’t what I wanted my days to look like.  It took some courage to ask for reduced hours at work, and some changes to our household budget, but in the long run it was worth it.

My family is number one in my book.  So what is it in your schedule that is out of whack and how can you change it??  If you need help seeing the way out, visit my website www.titus2coaching.com and get your free kit.  It’s no cost to you and you might find some hints that will guide you in a direction you hadn’t thought of.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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3 Responses to Time Tip Tuesday – Lets take inventory

  1. Jenny says:

    You were one of the inspirations for my post today, Dyrene! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • Thanks Jenny, Glad to help you out. Sorry it took so long to reply, nasty stomach bug going through my house, wiped me out for 36hrs. Just starting to get back in the swing of things.

  2. G’day Dyrene,
    I have done this exercise before and wow, isn’t it a wake up call! (In fact it’s probably time to do it again.) I think the next important thing to do once you’ve identified the challenges and rethought your week is to DOCUMENT it. I’ve blocked out times in my diary for particular tasks but I’ve also created checklists for the little jobs that can be squeezed in around others rather than waste those couple of spare minutes.
    I found you through the Ultimate Blogging Challenge and can’t wait to read more of your Time Tip Tuesday posts.
    Cheers, Caylie

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