Meaning on Friday – How do you find your purpose?

Regardless of your stand with religion or spiritual matters, everyone of us knows deep down in our being that there is a reason for our existence here on earth.  How do we know what that purpose is?

I’ve heard it said that when we were small children, we just knew.  As we grew up and had all of the constraints of society, our parents and our own faulty judgement placed on us we forgot.  How do we remember what that purpose is?  How to we know that we are on the path that was meant for us??

When you think about the thing that you LOVE to do, what comes to mind?  Or, does your mind go blank.  Have you gotten so used to just going through the days without a thought as to what it is you LOVE to do?

Today’s challenge:  Take some time this over the next few days (yes, I planned this to happen over the weekend) and think about what it is that makes you smile and brings you joy.  Make a list of those things, it doesn’t have to be a fancy list, just something you can refer to over and over.  I read a story recently of a woman that wrote on the front an back of a coffee shop napkin and kept it with her daily till she couldn’t even see the words any longer.

We will work with this list more as the weeks go on, but for now, start making that list so you can start to ignite the fire of happiness inside you.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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3 Responses to Meaning on Friday – How do you find your purpose?

  1. Jenny says:

    So true Dyrene! Even when I was little, I always knew I wanted to help people. While I didn’t end up being a Teacher or Nurse, I’ve been in public service for over 17 years. I took the Myers-Briggs personality test years ago, and one word in the results still stands out to me: Provider. More than public service now, though, I’m helping people every day with their health challenges and I’ve never been happier!

    Thanks for the post & Cheers to your health!

  2. Shawn says:

    Purpose…as a Christian I’ve been told my purpose is to glorify God. I do that by trying to be a good citizen of my community & my world. As a mom that was my biggest purpose for many years along with being a good wife. As an individual I want to help people, I do that best by writing and offering help to marriages & families. I think our purposes can change as our life changes what was my purpose 10 years ago can be totally different then it is today.

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