Feb Vacation here in New England

What’s Up on Wednesday?

Hello folks,  This week is what is known as February Vacation here in New England.  Odd concept to some I am sure.  BUT, it is a norm here.  See, we don’t get a “Spring Break” like other areas of the US.  For some reason, they split our break into two separate weeks.  One in Feb and the other in April.

My guess is that the time from Christmas till the end of March (Typical spring break time) is a very cold, dark and usually snowy time of the year.  Kids aren’t really outside much, and often times it is dark when they go to school in the morning, and dark when they get out (if they do any afterschool activities).  So, we have the time separated to break up the winter/spring months.

Many parents use structured daycare like the local YMCA.  They usually run a Vacation Club similar to the Summer Fun Club they employ in the Summer.  This gives the kids some structured entertainment and possibly even a field trip to some local fun spot.  But, what about those parents whose kids are too old for that kind of supervision.  The Teenagers??????  It is very difficult to find enough things to keep them busy, especially if the parents work outside the home.  What do they do all day???  Is there anything worth that much time on the television, internet or video games??

I would love to hear from any parents that may have some ideas.  My older teen works part time as a paid intern for a local community group, and she also has an unpaid internship with a local company.  This gives her something to do for a small portion of her vacation week.  My younger teen is trying to make plans to hang out with friends.  She’s been semi successful and it’s only Tues. that’s a long week left to fill.  So let me hear from you with some ideas, after all, I have another vacation coming up again in April.  Thanks!

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,



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