What does your location mean to you?

What’s up on Wednesday??

Hi folks, so what’s up here this Wednesday is that we might actually see some snow today and tomorrow.  Now, where I am specifically in Mass. is not expected to get much more than a few inches, but it’s been “snow-free” for over a month.  I moved back to Mass. from Fla. because I LOVE the change in seasons.  This winter has felt a lot like a Florida winter, definitely NOT a Massachusetts one.

We’ve only broken out the snowblower once, and that was only a measly 6″ of snow.  It was heavy snow and the blower made quicker work than shoveling would have.  Sad part is that the snow was totally gone in less than a week.

Is there something about the location you live in that makes it different/special from other places?  Why did you choose there?  Where we live says as much about us as the jobs we hold, and the friends we have.  Is your hometown/state saying the right thing about you?    Do you dream of living somewhere else, or being a part-time resident?  Do you want to start taking action on making that happen and need help?  I can help.

Feel free to visit my website and claim your free gifts!  www.titus2coaching.com  No obligation to buy anything, just some useful tips on Time Management, Energy Boosters and a subscription to my Bi-Weekly E-Zine.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,



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