What Planning Style works for you??

Hello Folks,

I am on a focused trail this week.  A lot is going on in my life, both personal and professional, that needs some very specific attention.  That fact got me thinking about how we plan our days, or not as the case may be.

There are many approaches to planning out your days.  Some people take the “do it as it shows up” approach, others take the “plan every minute out, including breaks” approach, and then there is something somewhere in the middle.

I tend to be a “right down the middle of the road” kinda girl.  I block out specific time for things like meetings, phone calls, classes and housework, but a lot of the time, I am doing whatever comes up that needs to be done.  For example, today I have 1 hour carved out for personal/house stuff, 4 hours carved out for making phone calls, I have 1 hour carved out for a meeting, I have 1/2 hour carved out for (dare I say it??) chauffeuring my daughters (to work and home from school)  and tonight 3 1/2 hours carved out for Chorus Practice (my daughter and I sing in a community chorus.  www.smfconline.org if anyone wants to check them out. )  As you can see, this comes no where close to an 8 hr work day.  Now this is a typical day for me, I participate in many types of activities each day and some days are more crowded than others.

I like the freedom and flexibility it gives me in being able to do the important stuff when necessary, and the “fire-extinguishing” when needed.

What type of planner are you?  I would love to hear from you and how your style works for you.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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2 Responses to What Planning Style works for you??

  1. Two ‘musts’ on my calendar – planning on Mondays and reflection on Saturday morning.

    Robert (my husband) and I meet every Monday morning and talk about the commitments for the week. (just finished, actually). We put the big rocks on the calendar. Then we have time blocked every Saturday morning for reflecting over the week – what worked, what didn’t and how we’re doing with our goals. The reflection part is the most valuable appointment we have!

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