Mindset Monday – Facing Fear

Hello all,

I have been thinking a lot lately about how fear plays a role in our lives.  It can have different effects on each person and in different ways.  A situation might be “fear staring someone down” while another person feels no fear in it at all.  I believe that it depends on your point of reference and backstory.

Regardless of what the fear is, it typically only lives in our minds.  We have a story in our heads about the thing we fear and it plays in our heads over and over like a skip in a vinyl album (Yes I know, I am aging myself here LOL).  What if the story isn’t true and the fear is unfounded?  How does that change the way we move forward?  There are situations and circumstances that truly do elicit a physical reaction of fear.  (For me it is driving through and intersection where I was hit “head-on” by another driver who made a bad decision)  My body completely tenses and I have to force myself to relax and know that it is a memory reflex, and not reflective of the current environment.

I am afraid of heights.  WHY??  Good question, I have never fallen from any height above 2 feet.  SO, what is this fear based on??  We hear stories of people who have fallen and the devastating consequences they had to suffer/endure.  We imaging ourselves enduring those same things and something in our head says “NO WAY, do I ever want to suffer like that” so now we are afraid of that situation.  I am working on reminding myself that everything in life is happening for a reason.  I may not know or understand the reason, but fear can not keep me from doing the things I want to do in my life.  If I allow it to control my actions, then I am giving up the ability to be open for new experiences.

How about you?  Are you closed off to something?  It could be the very thing you need to face to move forward.  Take a moment to think about your fears and how they effect you.  May you find peace and happiness on the other side of this journey.

If you find it difficult to feel the joy on the other side of your fears, then stay tuned, as I have an announcement coming soon on a way for you to do just that.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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