Time Tip Tuesday – Email or Snail Mail??

Hello All,

In this day and age of instant everything I wanted to talk about the importance and relevance of the Postal Service.

On Friday, I told you about my friend that sends “Cake-Truffles” out for companies and people as a way for them to say thank you.  It made me stop and wonder, how much we rely on instant messaging (IM, Email, Facebook, Twitter etc…).  I remember when I was in school (yes, I know I am aging myself a little here) that our classroom (in MA) connected with another classroom (in IL) and we all had pen-pals for the school year.

The girl I connected with stayed my pen-pal and friend well into high-school.  It was always a joy when I got a letter in the mailbox (kids hardly ever got mail).  Even now as an adult, I look through the pile of mail and see if there is anything of a personal nature, before I even think about looking at the bills, ads etc…

The fact that a person takes the time to write a note (even if it’s on the inside of a pre-printed card) puts your address and a stamp on the envelope, and then sends it off in the mail should make our hearts full of Happiness.

When was the last time you did something like this for one of your friends.  I know you like them, but have you shown them how much lately?

Today’s Tip:  Take some time in the next week, to reconnect with a forgotten friend.  Write a letter, send a card, or maybe send a box of Cake-Truffles.  Just take a moment to reach out and think about the smile that will come across their face when they see a note from you.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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2 Responses to Time Tip Tuesday – Email or Snail Mail??

  1. Shawn says:

    Such great advice. I have just the person in mind who would enjoy a note in the mail.

  2. Hi Dyrene,
    Thanks for the wonderful suggestion — hand writing a note to a friend. I do this all the time, but to clients. “Thank You” notes. Clients are almost always very touched, and they often write or call back to tell me. So I guess as long as hand written notes continue to be unusual, this is a great tip for nourishing a relationship.

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