Thoughts on Thursday – Love

Who or What are you??

I don’t mean are you human.  Today I am referring to those roles I wrote about yesterday.  Although we shouldn’t define ourselves by them, we can be proud of what they mean and stand for in our lives.

It takes a lot of effort on our part to maintain all the different roles we play in our own lives.  I heard it said once that you can only EFFECTIVELY maintain 5 roles at any given time.  Boy am I glad I don’t have to wear all my hats at once.

What are the 4 roles in your life that you value the most?  I believe that these 4 are the cornerstones to every decision we make and thing we do.  The other 1 I believe is one that rotates constantly depending on the hour/day/week/month.  For example, I only have my “Church Clerk” hat on when I am actively participating in Church activities.  Otherwise, I might have my “Chorus Singer” or my “Softball Player (YUP, oldest active player on the team now)” hat on.

This gives us the flexibility to do the things that are important (4) and to still feel like we have some control.

What are your thoughts??

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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2 Responses to Thoughts on Thursday – Love

  1. shawn says:

    Wow 5 hats I’m not that talented. I can usually only handle a few at a time. I always have my mom/wife hat on and then usually one other one. lol.

  2. If I really had to consider it (which, until now, I didn’t), I would probably say that I juggle about 9 different selves at all times. And, since I’m juggling them, there may be between 7 and 5 in the air at any given moment in time.

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