Time Tip – I think I need a dose of my own medicine

Hello all,

This past week has totally gotten away from me.  I have not used a single one of my own suggestions for making better/efficient use of my time.  So what, you ask??  Well it just goes to show you that knowledge of information doesn’t always indicate use and implementation of it.

I have systems that I have used over the course of the last 16years, and they all worked at the time I was using them.  Now that things have changed (yet again!!) I am reworking them to suit my current needs.

There are very few things that stay the same when you are raising a family.  The concerns, issues and needs just shift, they don’t ever go away.  That is why our systems and schedules need to shift too.  If we don’t allow for expansion and growth in our systems, they will eventually become the thing that chokes us.

So, is there something in your system/schedule that needs to shift?  Take a few minutes to take a fresh look at them and you might surprisingly find a small shift that results in a sense of relief and freedom.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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One Response to Time Tip – I think I need a dose of my own medicine

  1. theoddcoupleblogcom says:

    So true. That is an important lesson to learn. What worked yesterday might not work today. Relief comes when we realize that its ok to change.

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