Time Tip – Make time for your friends/family

Your Friends and Family deserve the best of your time.  Don’t just settle for what is left over from your other commitments.  Making time for them in your busy schedule tells them exactly how important they are to you.

SO, how do you make time for them and still meet your other responsibilities?  I suggest that you look ahead and block out time now, and treat that time as sacred and important, not able to be moved.  This simple act of commitment to yourself, will give you a sense of peace and purpose.  We are not meant to be secluded from others.

We gain an immense sense of community and connectedness when we spend time with our peers/family.  Did you know that the people you hang around with are the sum of who you are?  Whether financially or socially.  If you want to up your game, then find new friends who are where you want your life to be, and add them to your circle.  (this doesn’t mean to dump the old friends, just add some new ones.  LOL)

So have fun and make time for your friends/family, they will thank you for it.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,


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