Prom Season is upon us

WOW, this will either take you back in time, or have you thinking of your own kids growing up.  I took my 16yr old daughter shopping for a Prom Dress this past week.  YIKES!  She is a modest kid and it was a slight challenge to find something that would be “Nice-Enough” for the prom but cover everything she wanted to cover.

She tried on about 10 different dresses, most of them were very nice, but the ones that fit her the best, were not the ones she “loved”.  She ended up going with a cute Royal Blue Ankle length dress.  It is not quite floor length, so now we need to find a pair of really cute shoes that scream “LOOK AT ME”.  This is not her own prom, so she is not going all out, as a matter of fact she is going with a friend {not a boyfriend (that could be another whole post)} .  She wants to look nice, but at the same time, wants to have “somewhere to go” with her outfit for her own Jr and Sr Proms.

So, I am taking these next 2 weeks to enjoy watching her prepare for this event.  She’s already got a friend to help her with her make-up and is trying to find someone to help her with her hair.  I should probably include that earlier on Prom day, she is running a 5K trail race. I’m thinking she might need an early afternoon nap.

What do you remember about Prom Season from your past?  Any crazy stories about shopping or renting a tux?  What about getting there?  I would love to hear from some others experiences.

Till next time.

Happiness & Joy,



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