I specialize in helping women to create manageable plans for their lives while still having time and energy left to do the things they desire.  As a mother of two, and a high achiever, I know what it takes to be “in-control” rather than “just getting by”.  I have mastered the techniques and strategies to live a very full life very successfully.

I teaches my clients:

  • How to alleviate stress, anxiety and burnout
  • How to identify their true priorities
  • How to create a plan of action to move toward their authentic goals
  • How to streamline their schedule to get more done in less time
  • How to maintain balance with their work and home lives
  • How to set healthy boundaries in ALL of their relationships
  • How to find happiness, joy, and fulfillment on a daily basis
  • and much more

…all while having the freedom and flexibility to live the life they always dreamed of!

I am passionate about supporting women in becoming the powerful beings they truly are.  I meet my clients where they are and provide exactly what they need to have the life they desire.

I love living in Southeastern Massachusetts and spending lots of time with my husband and 2 teenage daughters.

Come visit me at www.titus2coaching.com


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