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Prom Season is upon us

WOW, this will either take you back in time, or have you thinking of your own kids growing up.  I took my 16yr old daughter shopping for a Prom Dress this past week.  YIKES!  She is a modest kid and … Continue reading

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Time Tip – Make time for your friends/family

Your Friends and Family deserve the best of your time.  Don’t just settle for what is left over from your other commitments.  Making time for them in your busy schedule tells them exactly how important they are to you. SO, how … Continue reading

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Time Tip – I think I need a dose of my own medicine

Hello all, This past week has totally gotten away from me.  I have not used a single one of my own suggestions for making better/efficient use of my time.  So what, you ask??  Well it just goes to show you … Continue reading

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What do you LOVE to do??

Hobbies are sometimes not regarded as important.  In my past, I have been on both sides of the fence.  I have been fanatic about collecting key-chains and Angel figurines.  I have then turned around and gotten rid of most of … Continue reading

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40 Days of Purpose – A Group “Book Study” Program

Are you puzzled about your purpose in life?? As someone who has struggled with discovering my purpose for over TWO decades, I can tell you that the most damaging part of this state of being is not what you might … Continue reading

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Mindset Monday – Why do we need to know why?

WHY?? It seems like such a small question, but it also seems to cause the most distress in people.  The uncanny need to know why for everything.  Why is that??? My Coach recently told me I have to give up … Continue reading

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